Nussentials Alert Energy Drink Review & Promotion

My friend Michele (yes, the one who makes the lovely Eugenia Essentials products that I have bragged about in the past) is now a Nussentials representative. Here is a snippet from the website that discusses how Nussentials wellness products are different from others.

Nussentials products are revolutionary and genuinely different from most everything in the market today. Each product is carefully formulated for complete wellness, providing you with the benefit of looking and feeling your best. We use stabilized rice bran, a rich super-food, as a base ingredient for several of our products and Hyaluronic Acid in a formula for looking and feeling younger. All of our products must meet the high standards of our medical panel. Learn more about the dramatic health benefits of our products directly from our medical panel and by visiting our product pages and find out how unique Nussentials’ products really are.

Michele provided me with samples of Alert to test and review. Each small bottle contained 2 servings of Alert, which is an all-natural time-released energy drink. The liquid energy is enhanced with 72 trace minerals, 12 vitamins, 6 herbal nutrients and just enough caffeine to keep you going. At a recent physical appointment, I found out I am deficient in B12. I have been prescribed supplements to balance my levels and was thrilled to find out Alert contains B12!

I drink morning coffee and have eliminated that afternoon cup since it impacts my sleeping patterns. But, since I typically run 5 miles per day, I find myself crashing in the afternoon and completely drained. I need something that helps me feel energized enough to get through my runs and not nod off before dinner! I was eager to try Alert!

I tried Alert for several days to see if it made me feel different. The first day, I only took it in the afternoon after my jog (didn’t want too much caffeine since I am a morning coffee drinker). I did find that I had more energy, but not to the point where I was bouncing off the walls. I felt “alert” and focused but it definitely was not a caffeine rush. I also didn’t crash afterwards.

The second day, I took Alert 30 minutes before my run and it really made a difference in my performance. I felt like I could keep running, I didn’t feel exhausted. The feeling was not psychological either. What I like most about this product is that my heart was not racing and I didn’t feel shaky. Instead, I felt energized and eager to keep running.

I have continued to use Alert before jogging for the past couple of days and it works well for me. It really is a great energy drink (keep in mind, 2 TBSP is a serving size so you do not have to drink an enormous amount like many over the counter energy products).

Another important aspect is that Alert tastes good, it has a zesty citrus flavor.

Nussentials donates 5% of all sales to Children Incorporated which focuses on feeding, clothing and providing school supplies to children in need right here in the USA! To learn more, click here and watch the fundraising video.

***Michele is offerring the following promotion but you MUST follow these instructions.***

  • The first reader to make any Nussentials purchase on her personal Nussentials web page will receive 4 sample bottles of Alert ($14 value plus shipping)! You can access her page by clicking here.
  • Then, leave a comment on her Eugenia Essentials Facebook page that you read about Alert on The Unemployed Mom’s blog. Make sure to send Michele a private message with your mailing information so she can double check against the order.

Let me know which Nussentials product(s) you are interested in!

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