I did something last night at Epcot I swore I’d never do. For those who have never been to Epcot, you really need to go! I refer to it as the grown up Disney World. If you stay in the back portion and visit all the countries represented, you’d never know you are in a theme park! Instead, you have about a mile and a half of culture, food and adult beverages! It’s quite tranquil at night, which in my opinion is the perfect time to visit.

Our goal was to stay for Illuminations but my son was starting to get squirmy inside his stroller. I wanted to enjoy another wine in Italy, so I confess…I bought him a Buzz Light Year spinning light toy to take his mind off of escaping. I am not typically one to buy a toy to make him shut-up, but last night I did. It worked too, 45 minutes of PEACE and QUIET! He was a little angel and I wouldn’t flinch to do it again.

Two Florida Resident Annual Passes: $800+

One Evening of Epcot Food & Wine : $100

Buzz Light Year Spinning Light Toy: $14

Toddler silenced for 45 minutes = PRICELESS

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