Free Fallin’ Subliminal Messages

My son loves to dance. After a long day of playing outside, I was able to coax him inside by suggesting we go in and listen to music. He agreed and ran inside. “Free Fallin'” by Tom Petty was playing on the radio. I am NOT joking, in the short time that song played my son fell off my bed and cracked his head on the hardwood floors twice!

I needed to distract him from crying so I could check to make sure he didn’t have a huge lump or blood gushing, so I asked if he wanted to wash his hands. You see, he is a boy and nothing is more exciting than playing in water – except maybe playing in dirt!

Well, what I thought was a good idea since he temporarily stopped crying turned into an even bigger scream fest. He ran into the bathroom and fell from his stool. His lip hit the counter and well, you know…more crying.

It was then I realized two things…

  1. The are subliminal messages in Tom Petty’s Free Fallin’ lyrics! It is HIS fault my kid fell!
  2. This kid needed to nap IMMEDIATELY!

I am happy to report there was no blood or contusions. I think free falling was just too scary for the little guy. He eagerly went down for his nap and is resting peacefully now.

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