Retail Tags On Ebay Merchandise

I was recently asked this question relating to merchandise I list for sale on eBay:

“Since you are buying items that have been marked down, do you show the price tag with the marked down price showing in the picture? Does that even matter to potential buyers or do they just care about it’s original retail price?”

I wish my answer was a simple yes or no, but it is not. From a selling perspective, it all depends on what the marked down price indicates. Many times, I receive an additional percentage off of that price – whether it is by store sale or coupon.

I typically calculate the profit margin I want to make off of the item. Sometimes I am happy to show the marked down price if my eBay “buy it now” price is lower than or equal to it. But, if I plan on selling the item for a higher amount, then I do not include the sale price in my photographs.

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