After my son’s bath, we put a Pull-Up on him until he is ready for bed. He is not being potty trained, we are just using the stash I received from my Potty Ambassador gig. Diapers are expensive and I do not want the Pull-Ups to go to waste. Besides, they are not designed to absorb a lot and usually work out perfectly for that short period of time.

Anyway, he was in his room playing while I was cleaning up the kitchen. All of the sudden he came running to me as fast as his little legs would carry him. He had something clinched in his fingers and was holding it out to me. This is typical behavior because he constantly finds things that do not belong on the floor and is eager to show me (paper, fuzz, crumbs, etc.).

Without even thinking, I took the item from him. I was perplexed by what it was and began to examine it. I initially thought it was a piece of Halloween candy or something. I proceeded to give it the sniff test and knew immediately what this treasure was. My son had a piece of poop that must have fallen out of his Pull-up, went down his pajama leg, and then onto the floor. We went into the bathroom and flushed it down the toilet. He was quite amused!

After we washed our hands thoroughly with antibacterial soap, I asked him to show me where he got “it” from. He took me into his room and pointed to the floor. He also proceeded to tell me that Mickey Mouse did it! Sigh.

What is it with me and sniffing poop? I immediately thought of a previous blog about a spot our dog left on the carpet! I really need to stop being so analytical!

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