Lose The Attitude On eBay

My eBay tip this week is do not be nasty when you email a seller inquiring about the price of an item. If you think an item is over-priced then do not even consider trying to buy it. Even if you believe the seller will be making a substantial profit based on the low ball price you may be offering, there is no need to point that out.

Please keep in mind that many people (myself included) make a living from selling on eBay. Being a professional buyer takes a lot of time, patience and energy! Also, eBay and PayPal fees are quite expensive. I take pride in my eBay business and when I detect attitude from a potential buyer then I immediately block them from purchasing any of my items.

Thankfully, I haven’t dealt with too many unfriendly potential buyers. Today I did and needless to say, I won’t have to worry about THAT person anymore. Despite the fact he/she had perfect feedback, the communication tactics were not my style. Instead of responding and wasting my time, I immediately blocked him from buying any of my items and then broadcasted it on my blog.  🙂

Yes, I am missing out on an enormous sale, BUT I am also missing out on the headaches from a disgruntled buyer! To me, that is a huge win!

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