Preparing For Your Child’s First Haircut

Having my son’s curls cut for the first time was a milestone that I wasn’t looking forward to. I loved his little ringlets, to me they were the last thing that signified he was my little baby. Ok, maybe he’s not a baby (he’s almost 2 1/2 years old), but I adored his beautiful hair.

I didn’t sleep the night before his first haircut, even though I knew he’d be in good hands at Harmony Barber Shop inside the Magic Kingdom. I think I was more worried about how he would act, I mean he is in that “terrible two” stage and we all know what the definition of toddler really is!

During my non-sleeping state, I read a lot of comments from others who had their child’s first cut at Harmony. Everyone had positive things to say and I loved the fact the cast members went above and beyond to make the children feel comfortable during the process.

If you are preparing to have your child’s first haircut, here are 8 tips to make your experience a pleasant one.

  1. Visit the salon/barber shop in advance so your little one becomes familiar with the place. If possible, let your child witness someone else getting a cut so they know what to expect.
  2. Make sure the salon or barber shop is “kid friendly”. Call in advance and ask questions (do they require the child to sit in a chair, can the stylist cut hair while the parent holds the child, are clippers or scissors used, do they have entertaining tactics or should the parent come prepared with items to keep the child occupied/happy, etc.).
  3. Make sure the stylist has experience working with babies or small children.
  4. Talk to the stylist about what type of cut you want for your little one. It doesn’t hurt to flip through a child’s magazine and identify styles you like and do not like.
  5. Schedule the haircut at the best time of the day for your child (not during nap time or when they are hungry)!
  6. Do not take a huge audience to witness the first hair cut. Even though this is a major milestone for your family, a video camera can capture the event and will be less disruptive to the establishment.
  7. Be patient with your little one, first cuts can be scary. Make sure the stylist shows them what is going on so it alleviates some fears.
  8. Take an extra change of clothing for your little one and switch after the cut because loose hair can be itchy. If you end up holding your child during the cut, you may also need to switch shirts.

We had a wonderful first haircut experience, it was truly magical (you can see our video here). I personally do not think we could have taken our son to a better place, Harmony is the best!

If you have any additional tips, please leave a comment.

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