Did That Really Just Happen?

My son has been fighting his naps and bedtime lately. Well, tonight he took it to an entirely new level. No sooner did we say prayers and shut his door until I heard a loud thump and stomping…of course accompanied by screaming. Sure enough, he scaled his crib and was stomping on his hardwood floors. I thought there were advantages to living in a historic home, but now I am rethinking it! I thought the glass doorknobs would be great since he cannot turn them. My mind thought he’d stay in his room and play, but no….he panicked and wanted me.

It has been a very long day to say the least. He refused to nap and has been up for over 12 hours now. I think mommy needs a VACATION!!! Did I mention daddy is at happy hour with friends???? Thank God for Netflix because he is watching the Backyardigans!

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