My neighbors may just be the smartest people in the world. Why? Well, the other day they came home with a brand new PUPPY! I am not saying this because the puppy is one of the most adorable little fur balls I have ever laid eyes on either, it is all because this couple decided they are NOT ready to take the baby plunge. Perhaps living next door to us for 7 months and listening to the toddler tantrums day in and day out helped them make this well educated decision?

At least if the dog is bad, they can lock him up in a kennel or put him outside. I remember the puppy stage very well, it is a lot of work. I used to think caring for a puppy prepared me for taking care of a baby. WRONG! OMG, big difference!

While their decision to get a new dog still means lots of work for them, I highly doubt they will have to listen to the painful screaming I endured for an hour last night as my toddler fought going to bed. My ear drums are still ringing!

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