Every Little Bottom

Diaper shortage is a growing problem in the United States. Did you know…

  • 1 in 3 American mothers struggle to provide their child with diapers? As a result, 79% of moms have had to choose between diapers and other necessities and 82% have had to cut back on food.
  • Nearly 1 in 5 moms in diaper need have extended the amount of time they leave their babies in wet or soiled disposable diapers – in extreme cases, moms have cleaned out and reused wet or soiled diapers.

Babies kept in wet, soiled diapers for extended periods of time are not only uncomfortable, but they can have both health and emotional implications. Also, moms and/or family members may be forced to miss work or school because many day care centers will not accept children without an adequate supply of diapers.

Huggies recognizes this need and plans to donate 2 million diapers to diaper banks across the country. To find out more about the Huggies® Every Little Bottom program, read the study and learn about some ways that YOU can help, please click here. Also, here is a list of partners helping to make Every Little Bottom a success.

Please help spread the word about diaper need and ensure that ALL babies get the healthiest start possible!

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