Disclose Flaws In Your Auctions

If your eBay merchandise has a flaw (even if it is minor), make sure you indicate it. Do not assume a potential buyer will see the imperfection in photos if you do not point it out. Take clear, close-up photos using the macro setting on your camera. Also, placing a coin beside the flaw will help show the actual size of it.

I recently listed a high quality, designer leather jacket on eBay that had spots on it. I did not want to jeopardize the integrity of the jacket by attempting to clean it. Instead I communicated this in my description. Also, I uploaded extra photos to Flickr and provided the link in my auction. Within a week, the jacket sold “As Is”.

The bottom line is this, do not try to hide imperfections. Be honest and upfront to avoid a negative eBay experience for yourself and your buyer.

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