Nothing like waking up to find my little one soaked! This morning I walked into my son’s room and he was standing in his crib saying “uh oh” and pointing to his wet pajamas and mattress. Three mornings in a row this has happened. As a result, I have washed three extra loads of laundry this week already. Thank goodness for the “small” setting on my washing machine!

Is it just me, or are diapers less absorbent as you move up in size? Perhaps it’s the diaper gods yelling down “Hey, get your kid potty trained already”. Not really easy to do when a child refuses to have anything to do with the potty.

Whatever it is, I find it very frustrating! Instead of naming diapers catchy names or trying to make them look like denim, perhaps focusing on quality would be best. My new name suggestions would be “Little Leakers” or “Big Mess Makers”!

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