Recently, my family took a trip up north to visit loved ones and so my husband (aka The Other 46) could attend the Drink Local Wine conference in beautiful Loudoun County, Virginia. If you know me personally or follow my blog, you already know my obsession with buying merchandise and reselling on eBay. What you probably do not know is how HUGE my eBay stash really is. The stash is not junk either, it’s really nice merchandise from designer shops that I have scored for unbelievably low prices. The problem is, I need to make time to sit down and just list it all for sale (not easy to do with a toddler).

My husband and I are really bad about shopping for ourselves. If we are out and about, our main focus is finding clothing for eBay. So, here we were packing our bags and both of us were like…we need clothing! What did we do? We went to my Rubbermaid containers filled with designer duds and found a few pieces for each of us. We were both hesitant about certain items, I remember my husband saying “I cannot take that, it’s a Ralph Lauren Purple Label shirt and you’ll make $100 from it”. My response was “I paid $10 for it, you cannot find a higher quality shirt for $10!”. Still, he wouldn’t take it.

Let’s see, he finally selected a Ralph Lauren RRL t-shirt that I paid $5 for and a Ralph Lauren RLX polo for $7 (I typically sell those pieces for no less than $60 each).

My selection was a beautiful Ralph Lauren Pink Pony Polo Match Polo Shirt. The polo retails for $125 (I paid $20). A percentage of sales from all Pink Pony products supports programs for screening, early diagnosis, treatment and research and brings patient navigation to medically underserved communities. From the moment I purchased this shirt, I wanted to keep it! My MIL is a breast cancer survivor (praise God) and another loved one is currently battling breast cancer. She just had a partial mastectomy and is about to start chemotherapy.

Even though I could have banked from listing this particular Pink Pony on eBay, my heart told me to show support! What a great decision! I wear my pink pony with pride for everyone who has been impacted by breast cancer. I pray everyday that a cure is found. Ladies, early detection is key and there are controllable risk factors. Click here for more information.

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