Listing on eBay

Don’t over-complicate the eBay listing process. Make sure to conduct research before posting your item for sale. Rest assured, 9 times out of 10, the item you are listing is currently on eBay or has been sold there. Search active listings as well as completed listings. See what the average selling price is and then determine your starting bid or Buy It Now price. Read what other sellers have to say about the item in their description. DO NOT PLAGIARIZE and steal their description but definitely use it as a guide.

Make sure your title has the appropriate key words and that everything is spelled correctly. Buyers search for specific words or phrases and this is how they will find your listing. Also, make sure your item is listed in the appropriate category. Complete the “Item Specifics” section since this adds more information to help buyers find your item in search results. Buyers can use popular item specifics to refine their search and locate your item faster. eBay helps by populating some of the “Item Specifics” details based on your title.

Describe your item for potential buyers. Try to eliminate any questions they may have by being specific and accurate in your listing. Keep in mind, a well written eBay description takes time, so do not expect to rush through it. My philosophy is, over-communicate the details and give accurate measurements to eliminate potential questions.

Once you have an auction listed, you can use it as your guide. Just select “Sell a similar item” and then tweak the auction to fit your next item.

Good luck!

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