eBay Photos and Videos

Since buyers cannot touch or feel your eBay merchandise, it is your job as a seller to effectively present your merchandise with quality photos. Make sure to use a contrasting background so your item will pop. Natural light helps so I try to take my pictures on bright, sunny days with the blinds open. Also, make sure there is no clutter in the background. You want all the focus to be on your merchandise, not anything else.

Your first photo is free, but photos sell merchandise. If you need to spend a little extra to display various angles of your merchandise, do so! In the end, it will be worth it. Pretty templates and backgrounds are a wasted expense, instead use those funds to load extra pictures into your auction. Pictures sell your merchandise, backgrounds do not.

If you are listing clothing, make sure they are clean and free of wrinkles. Also, if you can use a mannequin or dress form, that will help give clothing a more lifelike shape. Some people actually model clothing they are selling, that’s entirely up to you (I personally do not).

Another idea is to take a video of your merchandise, upload it to YouTube and then share the YouTube link in your ebay description. This will allow potential buyers to get a really good look at your item. I have not tried this route yet, but am thinking of going in this direction with some of my high end merchandise.

Other sellers are using Skype and allowing potential buyers to call them and see the merchandise via video conferencing. Again, this is not a route I use but the option is out there.

Do you have creative ways to present eBay merchandise? If so, share your ideas via the comments form.

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