Technology and Parenthood

skypeWhat would parents do without modern technology? When my son was born, my family was able to see him from our hospital room via Skype. If you haven’t used Skype, you are missing out! It is a free internet video conferencing tool that allows you to not only talk to your family, but also see them with the use of a camera. Since we have a MacBook Pro, our camera is already built into our laptop which makes it easy! We are faithful Skype users and my son is able to interact with family members that we don’t see often thanks to this technology!

We also have a flip mino HD video camera which has proven to be an invaluable purchase! The camcorder is light weight and compact so it easily fits inside my diaper bag (I do not leave home without it). The videos are very clear and decent quality. I have two complaints about the product, one is the $200 price tag and the other is how extremely sensitive it is. If your hands are not steady, your videos will come out shaky. I desperately need to purchase a tripod.

The flip mono has a built in USB port, so it plugs directly into my Macbook for downloads. I use a site called viddler to post the videos online and share them with my family. What I like about viddler is that I have the option to make these videos private, which means only people with permissions can access my uploaded videos.

I have taped so many special moments in my son’s life that a photograph just cannot capture. I have been faithful at taking video of my son every week of his life and this morning, I was captivated watching the collection! My son recently turned 15 months old and I couldn’t be more thankful for this video collection since I was quickly reminded of some of the cute facial expressions or little things he used to do that would melt my heart!

For all those new parents or soon to be parents, my advice is to purchase a video camera and take footage as often as you can! It is amazing to look back at the videos and reminisce. Also, take tons of photos. Babies are not babies very long, they quickly grow up and change their looks.

If you are a parent, what technology innovation changed your life?

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