For forty days and nights, Noah endured the rain. At least Noah was prepared for it since God gave him a heads-up! For forty L-O-N-G and painful minutes I listened to my son scream and fight going to sleep tonight. I have to keep remembering, he has a virus and is not feeling 100% but let me tell you how painful it was to hear him scream and cry for what seemed like an eternity.

Some may disagree with my parenting tactics, but I am a firm believer in letting a child cry it out (especially when they are almost 2 years old and have been fed, bathed, clothed and are ready for bedtime). The problem was, my son wanted to play and was not ready for the lights to go out. However, I was insistent. He didn’t have a good nap today and needs his rest to get over this sickness.

As a result, I am now enjoying a very large glass of wine to calm my nerves. What a day! This must be how Noah felt, can you imagine how those animals must have carried on? I would bet money there was a wine cellar hidden somewhere on that ark!

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