Have you ever tried to return something to Babies”R”Us and been denied? Well, it happened to me a few times and I’m really not happy about it. My frustrations with this company started back when I was pregnant. I created my baby registry online and wrapped it up inside our local store with the scanner. Anyway, Babies”R”Us gifts started arriving at my home from family and friends. A few items that I tried to exchange (the online store sent incorrect colored merchandise), I was told I’d have to mail the stuff back since the stock numbers were different than the ones in their store regardless of the fact they sold the exact product.

Then, I received a few gifts that were not on my registry but sold at Babies”R”Us. I tried to take them back and was denied since the items were not on my registry. What did I do? I went home and registered for the items online, marked them as received, then returned them for store credit. What did they think, I was a moron who couldn’t think outside of the box?

Here is my problem with being denied a return. If Babies”R”UsĀ carries the item I am trying to return (regardless if it is on my registry), then why not take the item back and offer store credit? The store still benefits since the credit must be used there! In most cases, the customer will spend more money than the credit they are issued, so Babies”R”Us profits! Or, the person will forget about the credit and it will never be used; therefore, BabiesRUs wins again!

As a result of the poor customer service I received from a manager named Claudia at the Babies”R”Us located at the Loop in Kissimmee, I will never shop at Babies”R”Us again. It’s a shame too since I estimate they will be losing at least $1500 per year from me (every time I would visit, I’d shell out at least $100 on baby necessities because of the convenience factor). Also, I will not encourage any of my friends or family members to register at this store.

I was promised I’d receive a 10% coupon to purchase any remaining items on my registry after my son was born, well he is now 20 months and I am still waiting on that coupon! I called corporate several times and asked when I could expect it and was told it would be arriving within 3 months after my son’s birth. Needless to say, I finally just gave up on the coupon!

Also, take note that Babies”R”Us will delete your registry after a certain period of time without warning. So, if you want a record of baby items you registered for (perhaps for future reference) then print a complete copy and hold onto it.

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