For Christmas, my husband and I Santa bought my son his first set of Legos. I have to tell you, it took everything I had not to open them before the 25th and play with them! You see, I am a Lego freak!  It was one of the few toys that I had growing up and I would sit for hours and just use my imagination and create awesome stuff.

Some things never change because I do the same thing now even though these are a duplo set (they are much larger bricks so they are not a choking hazard). My son is not so great at building stuff solo yet, but he enjoys helping me build things and tearing apart our creations.

Funny thing is, my husband is just as obsessed as I am. In the evenings when he is playing in my son’s room, I will sneak around the corner to see what is going on. What do I find? My husband constructing some sort of tower and telling our son not to knock it down. LOL!

We are fortunate to live close to the Lego store at Disney’s Marketplace. We Our son loves going there! The displays are phenomenal and really get you excited about building! We visited this past weekend and my husband literally had to pull me out of the store. I wanted to buy everything and Legos are not cheap!

Yesterday, I learned that LEGOLAND is coming to Central Florida! The new theme park will open at the end of 2011 at the old Cypress Gardens amusement park. I cannot wait to go take my son, it will be so much fun!

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