We are celebrating a small victory in our house this morning, my son had success on his potty chair for the very first time! While I know this is just a small step in the long process of potty training, it is still a victory worth sharing. In my opinion, anytime you can save a diaper then it can be considered a success!

His potty arrived about a week ago and he was very eager to sit on it. Unfortunately, he found it more fun to play with, so I decided he just wasn’t quite ready. But, he kept indicating that he’d used his diaper, so I decided to pull it out again and give it a shot! Thank goodness he was persistent with his signs and I finally listened.

To celebrate his accomplishment, he received a small handful of Nerds and is watching Dinosaur Train.  Ironically, Dinosaur Train is focused on poop and potty training today! How appropriate! Thank you PBS, I appreciate the help!

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