The Other 46For those who do not know, my husband has a blog called “The Other 46“. His goal is to bring awareness to the 46 states outside of the big wine producing¬†ones (California, Oregon, Washington, and New York). He promotes the “think global, drink local” concept. Anyway, he receives wine samples on a fairly regular basis. So much so, that I have actually gotten to know our Federal Express and UPS delivery drivers.

I used to be embarrassed to answer the door in my pajamas or workout clothing with my son screaming in the background, but not anymore. It’s all part of the SAHM gig!¬†Oh, and thank goodness the delivery drivers have all been dog friendly because my golden retriever insists on molesting them! Yesterday, the FedEx driver got down and kissed her face and hugged her tight…then she refused to come inside. I swear, she would have jumped right inside his truck and never looked back!

Now, I do reiterate that my husband has a wine blog so they do not think we are alcoholics or something. Of course they think it is so cool that he receives free wine! I’m wondering when they’re going to ask for an invite to a wine sampling party!

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