Little things can have a big impact! My son always squishes his face against our front window and squeals in delight when he sees the garbage truck pick up our trash. This morning, I decided to take him outside to see it up close. The lady driving the truck was so nice and kept backing up and beeping the horn for him. My little guy was in heaven to say the least! I swear he had the biggest smile ever.

TrucksHis obsession with trucks started pretty early in life. One of his first noises was a motor sound as he pushed around a soft tractor. The tractor wheels didn’t move, but he still understood what it was supposed to do. He makes motor noises every single time he sees something with wheels, including while we are driving down the highway.

A few months back, there were homes under construction in our neighborhood. My son would lay on his blanket and watch the construction machinery from our sliding glass doors.

I bought him the cutest Truck board book and he loves flipping through the pages. I have also found truck videos on YouTube that he enjoys watching (his favorite is a fire truck parade, he gets such a kick out of hearing the sirens and seeing the lights).

I’m glad this little gesture brightened his day! I’m also glad our neighbors were not outside because I was in my pajamas and looked like I just rolled out of bed. I’m sure the lady driving the truck thought I was homeless or something. The things we do to make our kids smile!

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