Parking Consequences

As mentioned in my blog yesterday, I have a friend visiting and we decided to hit the Premium Outlets for a little shopping. We arrived fairly early and had our choice of parking spaces and selected one far away without any cars around. After our shopping expedition was over, we returned to her rental car only to realize the car that parked on our left side was about a foot over OUR line and parked at an angle. I seriously have no clue how the driver pulled it in without clipping our back end! Who does that? Then, the one on our left hugged our line too! It was obvious we had two car seats installed, yet both cars still crowded our space! We could barely get the back doors open!

My friend was going to leave a note for the driver who parked crooked; however, neither of us had a pen. Instead, she did what any frustrated person would have done…she spit on their car windshield. I encouraged her to spit on their door handles so they would have to touch it (perhaps it would make them think twice before crowding a parking space again)! I mean, is it really that difficult to park a compact car or do people just not care? Unbelievable.

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