Too Detail Oriented

NotebookThis week, one of my childhood best friend has been visiting and we’ve had such a blast! Our toddlers are only 8 months apart and they have enjoyed playing together. Today, as we were driving to the Brevard Zoo, she reminded me of a¬†clothing journal I used to keep during my middle and high school years. I used to write down my daily articles of clothing and NEVER wear the same outfit within a 2 week time span. I totally forgot about this journal and how obsessed I was about something so silly! Unreal! My friend thought I was insane then, but did appreciated it since she could look at my journal and see what clothing she could borrow each week.

I started thinking more about this clothing journal and realized I still write EVERYTHING down. I do not miss one itty bitty detail either. When I was a gym junkie, I never left home without my mini notebook and pen to track my workouts. I STILL track my workouts, but have upgraded to capturing everything electronically.

At my previous job, I would return to my office and type notes from my one-on-one meetings with my former boss. More than once, I was able to correct him on things he said (to the point he actually told me I was “too detail oriented”). Sorry buddy, a project manager could never be too detail oriented! My files were impeccable, they were organized with every last detail pertaining to a project (including email dialogue, meeting minutes, notes from site visits, presentations, etc.). I’m certain the person who acquired my projects after my layoff had no problem taking over since all the information was at their fingertips!

I guess my clothing journal was the start of something much bigger…who knew!

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