Big Trouble Comes In Small Packages

If you are a regular visitor, you’ve probably noticed my blogs haven’t been as frequent. Well, that is because I am a SAHM to a toddler who keeps me on my toes! Also, when he is napping I find it more beneficial to burn off stress by working out. Trust me though, it would be nice to kick back with comfort food and my laptop, but I have been disciplined since I began my fitness challenge back in June. Right now, I’m seriously contemplating working out for the second time today because my child has been in rare form!

My son acquired a hand-me-down shirt from my nephew. Big deal you’re probably thinking, you got a free shirt. Well, hang with me because I do have a point. The shirt says “Big Trouble Comes In Small Packages”. The funny thing about this shirt is EVERY SINGLE TIME my son wears it, he’s a fussy monster! My husband is the one who made the connection when he arrived home from work and witnessed the little guy being bad. He remembers the last couple of times our son was being a complete pain in the butt, he was wearing this exact shirt!

I am seriously starting to wonder whether or not the child can read! My blog last week was about him trying to jump on my bed with his “Five Little Monkeys” book in his hands and now he acts out while wearing this one specific shirt? I know these are just funny coincidences, but I am seriously starting to wonder what is going to be next!

Needless to say, my small package of big trouble was put to bed at 6:45 pm tonight because I couldn’t take much more!

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