A Unique Mommy Tattoo

It seems more and more parents (both blue and white collar workers) are getting tattoos as a way to symbolize their love for their children.  TLC has encouraged this phenomenon with the shows Miami Ink and L.A. Ink.  I am not anti-tattoo by any means, but I’m also not one who seeks out pain. I cannot tell a lie, lately I have had thoughts about getting some ink that represents my love for my son.

My initial thoughts are to have an artist create a feminine piece with his birth flower, my birth flower as well as my husband’s. I’m thinking something on the smaller side that would be in a discreet location. This is not something I’d want to share with the world, just something that I can appreciate every time I look at it. There are tons of sites for viewing and/or rating tattoos, but I do not want to be a copycat. I want something completely original that belongs to me.

The question that arises is whether or not I’d regret getting something permanently tattooed on my body (especially when I am older). Is this just a whim that will soon pass? Shouldn’t I just be happy with my emergency c-section scar and forget about adding another permanent mark to my body? Besides, my body isn’t toned and the tattoo artist could have difficulties with my skin. What if I wuss out halfway through the tattoo and I’m left with nothing but a partial outline? See, I’m already stressing myself out over this so I’m thinking I am NOT a good tattoo candidate! Perhaps I should just buy a designer handbag instead?

Do you have a tribute tattoo or have you thought about one? I’d love to hear your suggestions for a unique mommy or daddy tattoo. 

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