Blind Tasting Wine Party

This past weekend, we had our wine loving family members in town and decided to take a new approach with drinking wine. Instead of the usual popping open a bottle and just relaxing, we decided to take it to an entirely new level. We held two blind tasting parties, one with Viognier and the other with Cabernet Franc.

For the Viognier tasting, we selected 4 bottles from various locations including France, Georgia, California and Virginia. Each bottle was discreetly placed in a paper bag, then numbered. The host began pouring and the participants started to observe the color, swirl and identify aromas and then tasted each wine. Everyone took notes and scored the wine based on taste, smell, color and where they thought the wine originated. I have to admit, this was so much fun! Afterwards, we were able to consume the wines that we scored the highest. To read more about the blind tasting event, visit The Other 46.

If you’re looking for a fun way to entertain friends or family, this is it! You could encourage your guests to bring their favorite bottle of wine (maybe specify the varietal so you can really compare and contrast the wines).

Are you a wine drinker? Have you ever been to a blind tasting event?

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