Which Diapers are Best for Preventing Leaks?

When my son was an infant, we had tons of diaper explosions. I was amazed how poop could squirt all the way up his back! I hear this is normal for babies, but I started wondering if it had something to do with the diapers we were using.

At that time, I was a faithful Pampers Swadlers user. As he grew bigger, I transitioned to Pampers Cruisers and never had any problems until he turned one. Now, it seems like his diapers are constantly leaking, especially at night. My son sleeps for 12 hours straight and in the morning, his pajamas and sheets are soaked from his leaky diaper! I began asking my friends which brand they recommend and realized I probably am not alone in my quest to find the driest diaper. I received a variety of suggestions, so I wanted to conduct a survey to see what the preferred diaper is.

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My solution was to go up one size in Pampers Cruisers during the day and to use Huggies Overnites at bedtime. I haven’t tried any other brands as of yet; however, the results of this poll may change my mind.

Thanks for voting at The Unemployed Mom! Please remember to leave comments about your diaper experiences, especially if you selected “other”.

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