Starbucks Inconsistencies

I have been a Starbucks junkie for years, but have recently had too many frustrating experiences. Let me start off by saying, Starbucks is more than just a delicious latte or Frappuccino, it is an experience. I feel like I escape when I step foot into a Starbucks coffee shop. Before being laid-off, I used to visit Starbucks at least five times per week but have cut back to once or twice per week.

I expect my $5 drink to be perfect every single time but lately the inconsistencies have been driving me crazy! First and foremost, it is critical for the person taking my order to listen. I hate being a hawk over top of the barista reminding him or her not to put whip cream on my drink or to use skim milk. But it seems like when I don’t, my drink is not perfect then I have to wait for them to remake my beverage.

This past weekend, I enjoyed the ambiance after ordering two venti Java Chip Frappuccinos without whip. My husband and I had just spent a great morning at the Brevard Zoo with our little guy and it is our tradition to stop at this particular Starbucks to “refuel” before our drive home. When the barista announced the drinks were ready, I was disappointed to see two huge mounds of whip cream on top. I said “I didn’t want whip cream on these” and she replied “oh, that’s right you did say that”. She proceeded to scrape it off then handed me the two messy cups (the Frappuccino spilled down the side of the cups as she attempted to remove the whip). I couldn’t believe it, I just spent $10 on two drinks and then I had to worry about making a mess inside my car. Is it too much to ask for the barista to wipe the cup off when they try to fix their errors? Or, could they perhaps put a new cup on the outside to contain the mess? Did she really not see how gross the outside of the cups were? I know I probably should have insisted that she remake my drink, but I was over it.

I recently wrote to Starbucks customer service regarding another bad experience at a different Starbucks store. I am tired of writing to them, although they do a great job sending complimentary drink cards.

Have you had inconsistent experiences at Starbucks? What do you do when your drink is less than perfect?

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