The Best First Birthday Gifts for Baby

Since my son just celebrated his first birthday, I wanted to blog about a few personalized birthday gifts that a baby can keep forever. I’m really looking forward to everyones’ comments on this one so we can have a great compilation of ideas for someone searching for the perfect gift.

Personalized gifts are terrific ideas, but the gift itself needs to be something that the child wouldn’t mind displaying throughout childhood years and beyond. For my nephew’s first birthday, we purchased him one share of Disney stock and had the certificate framed and engraved. We kept the framing simple so the stock could be displayed regardless of the room decor. We did not choose a child printed border, we kept it very classic. For my niece, we followed the same idea except purchased Coach stock for her. If this is an idea you’re interested in, make sure to search for One Share coupon codes (they are all over the internet and will save you money).

My mother-in-law purchased the 2008 United States Mint Silver Proof Set for my son. While this is not a personalized gift, it is still a great keepsake from his birth year. My brother-in-law also had a great idea, he purchased his favorite childhood book and personalized it by writing something special to his nephew inside the cover.

While researching the topic, I came across ideas such as wooden rocking chairs (with an inscription on the bottom) that can be passed down to your children’s children, family heirlooms, engraved frames and plaques, etc.

Another great place to find memorable, handmade gifts is at etsy. I purchased my son’s first birthday hat from starzselection and absolutely love it! The seller is such a sweet lady, she even included a hand written note and a beautiful flower accessory for me to wear. The hat exceeded my expectations and I will be a repeat buyer for years to come! If you’re looking for a unique birthday hat, I encourage you to take a look at starzselection’s etsy store. She has a great variety of merchandise!

There are other great etsy stores such as Eëk StReet that has unique baby merchandise that can be customized for your special birthday prince or princess. If you do not see what you’re looking for, just request a custom item from Eëk StReet and let the talented designers amaze you.

What are some of the best first birthday gifts you’ve purchased or received for your children? As mentioned early, I am excited to read your comments. Thanks for visiting The Unemployed Mom! Please bookmark the site and check back often.

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