Internet Addiction

Five days of being without my laptop or an internet connection and my world was completely turned upside down.  As a SAHM, I depend on my MacBook for everything from staying in contact with friends and family via email and Skype, looking for business phone numbers and information, filing for unemployment, buying and selling on eBay and Craigslist, reading online news, updating my Facebook page, researching recipes, playing Sesame Street YouTube videos for my son, etc.  It is amazing how dependent I am on the internet.  

These past five days, I found myself sadly walking over to the area where my laptop usually sits and just sighing.  I felt as though a member of my family was missing and I was completely devastated.  I know some may read that last sentence and think I am over exaggerating, but for those who know me personally…you know I am not joking!

I found myself actually using a pen and paper this week which is something I rarely do.  I was happy to know my handwriting still looks very neat, but I did get a cramp from using a pen instead of typing (I know, pathetic).  I think I prefer to have a root canal than be without my laptop and internet!  It was pure agony!  I look forward to my computer time when my son is napping, some of my best ideas flow after a great play session with him.

One lesson I learned from my computer crashing is to BACK UP DATA!! Thank God my local Apple store was able to copy my data before sending my laptop away for additional service.  My MacBook had to be wiped clean and all of my precious data was erased.  For a reasonable $50 fee, Apple was able to reload my data and I am back up and running as if nothing ever happened!

Anyway, my MacBook has been fully repaired and The Unemployed Mom is back!

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