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If you have children, you already know how expensive baby merchandise can be.  If you are an expectant parent, I highly recommend you visit to seek out gently used items.  Bargains are out there!  As a first time mom, I learned very quickly that all babies have different likes and dislikes.  I received a great deal of advice about the “must have” products.  Needless to say, what worked for one baby may not work for another.  With that said, many parents have merchandise in gently used condition for sale on Craigslist for a fraction of the retail price!

I have sold many of my son’s items on Craigslist and have found it to be very successful!  I have also met some terrific  moms through the process!  If used baby items are piling up in your home, why not take a few photos and post it on Craigslist?  It’s free to post and the interface is extremely easy to use.  The first step is to set-up a free account then start selling online!

Some Craiglist advice I have for sellers:

  • Only accept cash for merchandise.
  • If you are firm on a price, do not bend!  You will eventually sell your item for the price you expect.
  • Put a disclaimer in your post that indicates “all sales are final”.
  • For safety reasons, do not be home alone if someone agrees to meet at your house.
  • If you are not comfortable having someone pick up items at your personal residence, it is acceptable to find a mutual location to make the cash/merchandise exchange.
  • Do not put your personal information in your post (only exchange information if the sale is going to be a success).
  • Ignore any emails you receive from people saying they will wire the money to you or mail you a check after you send them your personal information.
  • Do not take it personally if someone emails you a lowball offer, in this economy everyone is looking for a bargain!

The most frustrating experience I have had is people emailing me and asking “is this item still available”. When I respond indicating the item is still available and asking if they’d like to see the item, I never hear back.

In addition to baby merchandise, I have also sold furniture, electronics, tools, and lawn equipment.  I have also used Craistlist to search for jobs, real estate and service providers.

Craigslist can be addictive!  I compare Craiglist to a yard sale, the only difference is you get to browse from the comfort of your own home (and save gas money)!  Once you make your first sale or purchase, you will be hooked!  I recommend Craiglist to all Stay at Home Moms (SAHM) as well as working moms, it’s a great way to rid that unwanted junk (and make some money in the process)!

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