Champions for Kids Odwalla Game Day Challenge #OdwallaCFK #CBias

I am one of millions, please join me! Together, WE can make a difference!

My son is outside from the moment he finishes breakfast until pretty much dinner time. He has a wagon filled with sporting equipment ranging from baseball, football, soccer, tennis, jump ropes and basketball gear. On the weekends, my husband and I enjoy taking him to local parks and/or schools so he can play on actual fields and courts. We bring along an array of equipment and also pack a healthy, nutritious picnic lunch which typically includes Odwalla juices! With Odwalla, we never have to worry about their products containing artificial colors, flavors, preservatives or genetically modified ingredients (GMO)!

Orlando has a high homeless population and poverty rate which sadly impacts children. Poverty is linked to poor nutrition and obesity. In many cases, foods that are not good for us cost less than healthier options. For many, food ends up being a choice (pay for rent/mortgage or eat). After speaking to a local food bank representative, I learned that 47% of the clients they serve are children! That is heart wrenching.

My goal with this Odwalla Game Day Challenge service project is to help local children who may not have the opportunity to lead a healthy lifestyle by playing sports and enjoying nutritious juice. I am currently working with the City of Orlando to identify a local community center or place that aids children and donate sporting equipment and Odwalla products.

My family enjoys being involved with local charities that aid children. We are firm believers if a child finds a sport they love, he or she will exercise more which builds the foundation for an active lifestyle (and keep them out of trouble). Also, by introducing Odwalla juice, kids will understand there are healthy and delicious hydration options.

My son and I jumped in our car eager to shop, we didn’t make a list we knew to follow our hearts. We drove to Walmart on a mission to grab Odwalla beverages and shop for sports equipment. Our goal was to buy brand new equipment at Walmart, then explore other options for acquiring gently used sports equipment to add to our donation stash.

We knew exactly where to find Odwalla since we frequently purchase it at Walmart (they have the lowest prices in town). We also like the variety they carry.

We grabbed one bottle of each flavor then made our way to Sporting Goods!

One thing we knew we wanted to include was baseballs! Nothing screams get outside and play more than baseball!

Walmart had a huge variety of youth sports equipment, so we selected baseball, football, and basketball gear. Here we are at checkout ready to purchase our items.

We feel confident this is a good start for our charity donation. Since I am a bargain shopper who hits yard sales and local thrift stores regularly, I am confident I’ll find gently used equipment to add to our donation pile for a fraction of the cost.

I’ll publish an update next month to share what we collected and identify who our deserving charity is.

You can follow our entire Walmart path to purchase Google+ album by clicking here.

I also encourage you to visit Champions for Kids at the following links:

If you are in the Central Florida area and would like to donate gently used sporting equipment to some very deserving children, please contact me!

If you are one of millions, please leave a comment and tell me what you are doing to make a difference.


* This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias; however, all opinions are my own. #OdwallaCFK #CBias

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15 Thoughts to “Champions for Kids Odwalla Game Day Challenge #OdwallaCFK #CBias”

  1. Amy

    I hope you can find a great place for your donation. I love the idea of getting kids outside!

  2. These are great choices—I’m excited to see your follow-up post!

  3. What a great start for a donation! Great idea to add the inflation needles too – that is usually not thought about until there is a flat ball. 😛 I look forward to reading your next post!

  4. Jen

    Let me know where you end up sending your donation, I am planning on Kids House of Seminole.

  5. Super, super great cause – the thought of children being homeless is just so sad, and it will be cool to see what you get hooked up with to help out!

  6. I love these simple service missions! I’ll be checking back in to see who you were able to help. Looks like you’re off to a great start!

  7. Those are some spiffy lookin’ balls there! Following your hearts was good. 🙂 Nice job!

  8. It’s so great that the city is working with you to find a charity. Looking forward to hearing about how it all turns out. Great job!

  9. I absolutely agree with you and your husband. If you can get a child interested in a sport or physical activity, they are more likely to stay active on their own!

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  12. You managed to get a bunch of cool things – I’m sure the kids will love it!

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  14. How cool. One thing I have really learned living up here is pass it along or word of mouth. It is such a community of sharing we could definitely find some families to take some things so they can get their kids outside more.

  15. Very cool! Great job on the project! Its always good to have kids interested in outside activities! So many benefits. Best of luck!!

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