Naming Advice For New Moms

Fellow blogger and friend The Suburban Mom is expecting her second little princess. She asked for Mom Blogging advice and I completely missed her submission deadline (I have been preparing my eBay store for the upcoming holiday season and slacked). In the past, I have shared that naming a baby is difficult but here is something all parents-to-be should consider when tossing around names. Keep in mind, I have a boy (and a very busy one at that) so I am thankful I tested this theory before naming him. When deciding on…

Wordless Wednesday: Helping Mom With eBay

My son was eager to help with eBay photos, he grabbed his lego camera (and his Optimus Prime transformer of course) and went to work. While I will not be using these in my actual listings, I am proud he has taken such an interest in becoming an entrepreneur like his mom! I am also THRILLED that this kept him occupied while I was able to get some work done!