Internet Impostor Or Honest Mistake?

Recently, a family member joined facebook and liked The Unemployed Mom page. I found it odd that he liked 2 pages named “The Unemployed Mom” with the exact logo. Upon further investigating, I realized someone in Oklahoma had stolen my logo and started a new page with only 1 follower (and that follower was of course the guilty person). I was beyond furious! I immediately reported the page to facebook for trademark infringement and started doing some investigating of my own.

These screenshots have been cropped and/or blurred so I do not share any of this guilty party’s personal information.


Sure enough, this lady used a story similar to mine to try to push a “you can get rich at home” gimmick. I visited her blog and the very first blog post contained my customized logo that I paid a lot of money for! I decided to leave a comment to let her that the logo was stolen as well as the name and that I would be involving a lawyer.

She initially removed the image from her blog and facebook page but kept the name “The Unemployed Mom”. She then swiped another image from google and continued. I commented again to let her know that was unacceptable!  She finally deleted the facebook page completely.

Here is the message titled “apology” she sent to my via the “contact” tab on my blog.


First I want to apologize for the honest mistake I made. I wanted to make a post to promote an affiliate link, did an internet picture search for a picture to use on my blog entry, your logo showed up, I thought it was cute, so I copied and pasted it. From the post I had the idea for a facebook page, which you do not have one according to the verification I did before creating the facebook page. With that said, once I received the rather rude comments, and doing a search for your blog name and finding out that I did indeed use your logo and name, you will notice I removed your logo, and the facebook page. This was an honest mistake. I do apologize and wish  you much success!

An honest mistake? Really?! I didn’t know it was legal to copy and paste an exact image without gaining permissions from the owner! Isn’t that something we learn in Internet 101? As for me being rude in my comments, I would say “threatening” would be a more appropriate word since legal jargon was thrown into the mix.

I have no tolerance for people who take from others in order to promote themselves. My husband says “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” but I have to tell you, flattery wasn’t the word that came to mind that night!


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8 Thoughts to “Internet Impostor Or Honest Mistake?”

  1. Della

    Good question and regardless of the answer, I do think you handled it appropriately. don Miguel Ruiz’s book, The Four Agreements” is a guide for living… I look at them daily since I have a tendancy to worry about stupid stuff and I fight this tendency daily. I read them daily to help me get into this business guided by positive thinking. It’s was just what popped into mind when I read your post.

  2. I’ll have to take a look at that book. I was just so floored that someone would do that without gaining permissions or at least asking (which of course, the answer would have been no). I am just shocked that the thought of googling “The Unemployed Mom” never popped into her head until after I contacted her. Anyway, it is over now but I wanted to let other bloggers know to keep their guard up. The main reason for the post was to bring awareness.

  3. NoMistake

    There is no way this was a mistake. This thief was trying to steal your traffic by tricking people into thinking it was your fan page! She was going to benefit from anyone who bought into her “gimmick” so why not prey on an established blogger’s unknowing followers. It is sad that some people are so pathetic to stoop to this level. Keep tabs on her, I’m sure she will strike again! Loser.

  4. Della

    I’m just starting to learn the whole social media/ networking stuff and it’s nuts. I think I was just saying the other day about your Craig’s Lists Ebay’s warning that people are in such different phases of learning. But, yes, what NoMistake said makes a lot of sense. You’re like the Warrior Mom against scammers and I LOVE it. Keep doing what you’re doing.

  5. J

    I’ve had this happen to me quite a few times. I always send a cease and desist letter, they claim to not have known about my website, and then they delete their website and/or FB page. If they weren’t guilty they wouldn’t just delete though. If they want to act innocent it doesn’t matter – as long as they stop what they are doing then I say let them keep lying to themselves! Imitation is flattering when someone copies my outfit, but not when they copy my blog.

  6. Love your comment about how it’s ok to copy your outfit but not your blog. I was explaining to a blogging friend today how my blog is like my 2nd child, you mess with my kid then you mess with me. Glad you understand! Some things are completely off limits, especially a blog that I pour blood, sweat and tears into! 🙂

  7. Della

    I have an idea for you. (I was a teacher and teachers are notorious copyright infringers mainly due to lack of resources.) Anyway, I think this is such a teachable moment. Maybe you could do a little Internet 101 post for setting up a blog. (Do’s and Don’ts- just a thought)

  8. K

    We’re dealing with our own drama now, and a not very bright self-proclaimed “startup junkie” who’s using our registered trademark as a Twitter tag, and trying to confuse our (very different) customer base.

    Karma comes around to people like this. What do you do? Do your legal due diligence to protect yourself, be the better woman, and beat her at her own game.

    Those who are lazy, copy. Those who are brilliant, innovate.

    Here’s to you continuing to do the latter!

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