Wordless Wednesday: Valentine Treats

Hope everyone had a sweet Valentine’s Day!

My son received a special valentine package from his Maw Maw & Pap Pap. Notice the stickers all over his shirt (7 packs). He saved one sheet, not sure why…but he is holding on to them still.

Then, we made a special treat! I used to love it when my mom made these and wanted to share the experience with my son.

We drizzled dark chocolate on top!

Absolutely delicious! I learned a valuable lesson though, be careful when trying to lick melted chocolate off of a spoon!

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8 Thoughts to “Wordless Wednesday: Valentine Treats”

  1. LOL – yep, hot chocolate can be dangerous but delicious!!

  2. I love how he has all the stickers in one spot too!! Word of warning… make sure you get all the stickers off before you wash his clothes! They make a huge mess!

  3. Urmila McClure

    Looks delicious! Haha Cameron does the same like Trinity, sticks all the stickers at the same time haha! Too cute!

  4. Thank goodness the stickers ended up on his shirt instead of the walls! My kids are sure to ask for stickers every time we go to Whole Foods, and I discovered them all stuck on the wall behind the toy box. I am tempted to just paint over them before we move.

  5. Barbara Moreland

    I love his stickers. He is so cute. He knows his Maw Maw and Pap Pap loves and misses him.

  6. Dark chocolate rice krispy treats! Yum.

    stickers are magical.

  7. I would probably burn my tongue too…who can wait for heaven like that?

    I’m glad I don’t have the only pint-sized hoarder in the world! Matt would hold onto that sheet of stickers for days if it were up to him!

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