A Valentine’s Day Request For A Very Special Boy

I hope everyone is sharing this Valentine’s Day or at least part of it with people they love! I encourage you to take a moment and appreciate everything you have – your family, loved ones, good health, a warm and loving home, a job, etc. Count your blessings!

While you are reflecting on all the positives in your life, I would LOVE if you could find it in your heart to sponsor me for the CureSearch Walk at Lake Eola. This charity walk is raising funds to help end pediatric cancer. I am walking for a 12 year old local boy named Kellen. For two years, Kellen has been fighting a rare brain tumor called Ectomesenchymoma. There are only five cases of this type of cancer in the world!

If you would like to sponsor me for the April 16th CureSearch Walk at Lake Eola, please donate here. No amount is too small! Remember, your donations are tax deductible.

Kellen’s family received some VERY good news last week, his latest scans are CLEAR! He has upcoming radiation treatments at the University of Florida Proton Therapy Center in Jacksonville and then hopefully, the beast will be put to rest forever!

In this photo, Kellen and his brother are celebrating after receiving news of the clear scan. How amazing it must have felt to finally hear good news!

This scripture was on Kellen’s care page and I had to share! “I prayed for this Child and the Lord heard me and answered my Prayers”. 1 Samuel 1:27

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