A Boy & His Mouse

You probably read the title and scratched your head thinking isn’t the phrase typically “a boy and his dog”? Well, yes that is the common phrase. However, in our house my son’s focus has gone totally away from our golden retriever since she has showed no return affection (see One Sided Love Affair) and is now completely on his plush mouse! Yes, my son is infatuated with Mickey Mouse. For those who knew me as a Mickey fanatic growing up, I assure you I did nothing to encourage this. I wanted my son to form his own opinions on which Disney character would be his favorite. Obviously, I knew he’d have one based on the amount of time we spend at Walt Disney World but NEVER in my wildest dreams did I imagine my kid would be inseparable with the mouse!

From the moment he wakes up, Mickey does not leave his side. He nuzzles with him while awake and snuggles with him while asleep. The bond between them cannot be broken! Mickey participates in all my son’s activities – from putting puzzles together, reading books, watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and using the potty. It’s unreal!

My mom made my son a quilt and he refuses to be without it. What is on the quilt? Why, non other than Mickey and Minnie Mouse, of course. He received it when he was 8 months old and carries it around like Linus.

If we are out and about and my son sees anything with Mickey Mouse on it, he reaches for it and tries to say “Mickey” in his toddler vocabulary which comes out like “May May”. It’s embarrassing but adorable at the same time.

I cannot lie, it melts my heart to know my son loves the mouse as much as I do!

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2 Thoughts to “A Boy & His Mouse”

  1. Marie Byrd

    Awe!! Word to the wise…have a back up of the identical one that he carries!! Autumn to this day is a lion king simba child. My mom had bought one floppy simba when I was pregnant….Autumn is now almost 14 and it still drags with her wherever she goes! However about 8 years ago she lost him in Indiana….that dumb thing that my mom paid 5.00 for I shelled out 40.00 for an identical one on ebay!!

    Izzie has a linus (and its so cute because that is what she calls it) and it is now so stained and nasty I cringed when it must go with us in public!! I have washed the thing so many times it is paper thin!!

  2. Jennifer

    Megan’s obsession is Elmo. Whenever the music starts playing for Elmo’s World, she starts jumping up and down with a huge smile on her face.

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