Potty Training

My toddler is 20 months old and is showing signs that he is ready for potty training. At the moment, one of his favorite books is The Potty Book For Boys, he gets so excited about the character Henry using his potty.

He watches Elmo’s Potty Time and after the DVD has finished, he will run into my bathroom and clap in front of the toilet. One day, he actually took his pants off and was standing in his diaper while watching it. Perhaps it was coincidence, but this is not typical behavior from him.

For the past week, he’s been running out of his room and grabbing his diaper saying “uh oh”. When I asked him if he has peed in his diaper, he shakes his head yes. It seems that he knows when he has wet or soiled his diaper, I guess the next step will be for him to recognize he has to go before it’s too late.

Anyway, I ordered a potty chair and I’m ready to get started with potty training! People have already told me boys are much harder to train than girls, but I think I’m up for the challenge. I am open to any advice and/or suggestions to those who have gone through it.

This experience will definitely provide good blogging material!

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3 Thoughts to “Potty Training”

  1. Briana

    It sounds like he is ready to start training! I would definitely get him some training pants and a potty seat and see how he does. Be ready for lots of accidents, though, with the training pants in the beginning. I would give it a week or so, and if he’s still having lots of accidents, then he probably is not ready. Wait a few weeks and try again. With Ava, in the beginning we offered her a treat for going on the potty (for her it was jelly beans, although our dentist recommended M&Ms as they are easier on the teeth). Ava has been pee trained for quite a while now, but just in the last week or so has started going #2 on the potty, so be forewarned that the whole process can take a good long while! She’s 3 and she still wears pull-ups for nap and bedtime. So, we’re not totally away from diapers for her either. Good luck!!!

  2. you are right about that….it will give you good posting material.
    I am potty training my 22 month old daughter and she too will pull down her pants if she sees someone on TV in the bathroom or if I say to her I have to go potty. She tells me that she “peepee” when she has a bad diaper and when she really does have to peepee she will hold on to her diaper and cross her legs.
    I take her to the potty every morning when she gets up and after every nap and she will go but other than that I am also trying to teach her to tell me before she needs to go or the diaper is bad.
    I bought her some Pull-Ups and I have been showing her the dry designs and then also the wet designs so hopefully something will change soon.
    2 years old is fast approaching and I want to start thinking about going back to work but not before she can go to the bathroom with little help.
    Good Luck!!

  3. Melissa

    I agree with the other mothers, it is a long process. I have 6 kids, 4 girls and 2 boys. I have a set of twins, one boy, one girl and they were my easiest and hardest to train. My daughter would tell you all the time when she did anything in her diaper but my son would not. Well I figured it was time to train them and my son is the one who did the best. He almost trained himself honestly. His dad and big brother showed him one time a piece what to do at almost 3 years old. I would give them a piece of candy or something that they really liked everytime they used the potty to pee, if they did number 2 I always did something they wanted to do like a game, or watch tv in mommy and daddy’s room, just something that they thought was fun. After about a week with maybe a handful of accidents with my son he was trained. My daughter got trained the same way as her twin brother but didn’t do as well, so my husband and I remembered how we trained our older daughters and we tried it. We did it in the summer time, we put their bathing suits on them and told them if they wanted to go swimming (which they loved) they couldn’t pee in their bathing suits and it worked. Just shows you how different girls and boys are when it comes to training. Good Luck!!

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