My son is like a broken record with his favorite word “Pap Pap”. The obsession started when I showed him a video about a farm. I told him the farmer driving a tractor was “Pap Pap”. I’m not sure that was a good decision on my part. Now, it seems like every man he sees is Pap Pap, regardless of their age or occupation (excluding his “da da”).

Yesterday while at the mall he kept pointing and yelling “Pap Pap” to a young man working at the M&M’s store. I tried to quietly explain that it wasn’t, but he was persistent. I quickly exited the store because I was embarrassed. I even muttered the words “that’s not Pap Pap, it’s just some weirdo” because I wanted him to just stop saying it already!

Then today, we had a termite inspection. From the moment the inspector walked in, my son went crazy screaming “Pap Pap”! He followed the inspector around like a little lost puppy which is odd behavior considering it usually takes him awhile to warm up to someone. Thankfully, the inspector has a grandson about the same age so he was fine with having a temporary shadow.

I think it is time to teach him a new word!

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