Thanksgiving Feast

I am not embarrassed to admit I am not the best cook. I do not bake pies from scratch because it is so much easier to just open a box and pop one in the oven! I am not gifted when it comes to creating beautiful meals either, I typically keep our food simple and do not enjoy spending hours in the kitchen. I get inspired when I look at food magazines or watch cooking shows, but am too afraid to try new recipes. I hate failure!

Anyway, I was curious what everyone is doing for their Thanksgiving meal. I currently have a reservation at a Disney restaurant. The menu contains a traditional turkey day feast, but I’m starting to feel guilty for not cooking and perhaps having a change of heart.

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3 Thoughts to “Thanksgiving Feast”

  1. We have a large family and you get the email about 3 weeks before hand with that you have been delegated to bring to dinner. It works out very well because my uncle does the best stuffed mushrooms and my grandma does the best deviled eggs, etc. We all do what were are good at, even if some are good at swinging my Publix!

  2. Jennifer

    My family splits up all the cooking responsibilities similar to Mandi’s post above. We all stick to making our best dishes and no one person has to prepare everything. It’s nice and not as stressful, especially if you drink a bottle of wine while you’re in the kitchen.

  3. SuZ

    Thankfully, my family is cooking. So all I have to do is show up, eat and leave. 🙂 I love it!

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