Stores are advertising layaway to encourage shoppers to shop now and pay later. I remember this concept was something my mom used when I was growing up (in addition to the Sears Catalog), but I had no clue it still existed. Didn’t store credit cards with high interest rates replace layaway? Impatient shoppers who didn’t have cash could purchase what they wanted on the spot, instead of waiting. I guess in this economy, stores are doing whatever it takes to entice customers to shop and people are becoming a little wiser with their money.

Just curious, is the economy going to impact your Christmas budget this year? What are you doing differently?

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One Thought to “Layaway”

  1. Beth

    Just last night as my husband & I sat on the couch watching The Biggest Loser (after munchkin went to bed) I said..”For Christmas, everyone is getting a dozen…” and he chimed in “Eggs!” I couldn’t stop laughing..that’s not what I was going to say but it is how I feel – BAH HUMBUG!! What I was going to say (since I’m one of those moms that couldn’t part with all of her glass baby food jars) was that I would give everyone a dozen baby food jars filled with homemade air freshener (I read online about using gelatin and I forget what else)..and if they don’t like it, TOO BAD!! Ha ha..I’m not sure if I was being serious or not!

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