No SmokingWhen my husband arrived home from work yesterday, we decided to enjoy the cooler temperatures in Central Florida (high 60’s) by sitting outside at one of our favorite eateries. We had the entire outside area to ourselves and as we enjoyed our dinner, an inconsiderate smoker decided to sit down at an empty table near us to smoke a cigarette. Who does that? I mean seriously, I do not want to inhale second hand smoke let alone have my child around it! There was plenty of open space away from us, yet for some reason he felt the need to smoke in the only area with people. Thankfully, there was a nice breeze and the smoke blew in the opposite direction, otherwise I would have asked him to be considerate and light up somewhere else!

I am spoiled living in Orlando because our restaurants are all smoke free. It’s nice not having to request the “non-smoking” sections while dining! I didn’t think it would be a problem outside, but obviously I was wrong.

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