What Does A SAHM Do?

I find it amusing that some people think a Stay At Home Mom (SAHM) does nothing all day long. While we may not have a written job description, we do have a very important obligation which is taking care of our children. My blog title “The Unemployed Mom” is a complete oxymoron, which is typically why I receive laughs when people hear it. Anyway, I wanted to share a few thoughts about being a SAHM and let people know more about what we do.

  1. Being a SAHM doesn’t start at 8 am and end at 5 pm like a typical job. Our children dictate when our day begins and when it ends.
  2. Overtime occurs regularly, yet we do not get paid time and a half. We are compensated with hugs and kisses which is far more rewarding. Of course, we do receive our share of unpleasant compensation too (diaper blowouts, fussy kids, food spills, bathroom blunders, wet beds, tantrums, etc.).
  3. We do not receive vacation or sick time and must fulfill our duties 24/7, 365 days a year! No, we do not get weekends off either!
  4. We have a big responsibility which is trying to set the right example for our children and being the perfect role model. This can be challenging at times if we are frustrated or dealing with real world issues.
  5. A SAHM has mastered the art of multi-tasking! We are able to focus on many things at once but still keep our child’s safety and interests at the top of the list!
  6. We do not have one whining boss to answer to, we have our significant other AND our children!
  7. A SAHM is also a teacher, day care provider, guidance counselor, taxi driver, photographer, CEO, nutritionist, chef, laundry attendant, maid, accountant, janitor, entertainer, nurse, party planner, personal stylist, administrative assistant and a baker. Keep in mind, we are not compensated…but imagine what our salary SHOULD be with these responsibilities!
  8. We are extremely flexible! Our goal may be to complete our to-do list; however, our children dictate what our day actually consists of. Some days are extremely laid back while others are complete chaos. We must “go with the flow” and make the best of it, even if that means not accomplishing what we planned to.
  9. Being a SAHM is exhausting, there is never a dull moment! Some evenings, I am ready to fall asleep before my toddler goes to bed!
  10. We love our children dearly; however, staying home with a fussy or sick child can be draining! We do need a break once in awhile, even if it is just to take a quiet walk alone to clear our minds. When our significant other arrives home, we do not need to hear “why do you need a break, you stay home all day”!  I challenge any person who asks this infuriating question to stay home alone with their child for just one day…I am pretty confident they will beg to return to their regular job!

I have held a variety of professional positions and being a SAHM is by far the job I am most proud of (and as mentioned above, it is one of the most exhausting)! My child is only little once and I feel blessed to share every single day with him.

The next time someone says a SAHM doesn’t do much, please direct them to this blog!

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8 Thoughts to “What Does A SAHM Do?”

  1. Marie Byrd

    I agree! I can admit that I can not be a SAHM unless I had too. TOUGHER THAN ANY JOB I HAVE HELD! BUT IT IS THE BEST!

  2. Jennifer

    I never understood why anyone would think a SAHM does so little. After spending a weekend with my daughter I’m ready to go back to work just to relax. It’s the most exhausting thing I’ve ever done. I can’t imagine doing it full-time and I admire those women who do.

  3. June

    I work full time and work overtime everynight. I finish one full time job and go to my other – being mom. My evenings are spent catching up in laundry, homework, taxi to softball, chief cook and dishwasher…. the list could go on. The night shift is even more exhausting – I am up all night with an infant then have to wake up super early to get ready for my day job and the kids ready for daycare – and still get to work for 8am. The weekends are even crazier – they are spent doing everything that I can’t get done during the week because of my full time job. I actually envy SAHM’s!!!!

  4. I say it all the time: there is no job in the entire world that is tougher than that of a stay at home mom. I had one year off when I was on mat leave with my second child and it was an amazing year – but hard! Being a mom is always challening and rewarding, but tough, for sure. I can’t stand it when people (always people who are NOT parents themselves!) say “Oh you get to stay home all day… how easy!” GRRRR!!!!

  5. I definitely do it so that I can eat my bonbons with my feet up while watching my soaps (and possibly getting a pedicure) every day.


  6. […] now I have this little person to teach morals and values to. Although some do not feel that being a stay at home mom is a real job, I encourage them to sit back and think about the lessons being taught every single […]

  7. Working Dad

    The bottom line if you are a SAHM or SAHD: the home is your domain. Your partners domain is making money and dealing with the stresses of making that money. If you are lucky enough to have a husband or wife who makes enough money to support the family, you should be busting your rear to make sure he or she knows that you take your role seriously too. There’s no excuse for not being able to finish chores, keep a house tidy and make sure your family eats healthy meals. There just isn’t. It comes down to setting up a schedule that makes efficient use of the 10 odd hours that you’re chilling at home every day and sticking to that schedule. You shouldn’t expect your SO to bust their ass all day bringing home the bacon and then do your job for you when they get home… The problem with every post I see on this topic is that the women (its overwhelmingly women) act so entitled and talk about how ridiculously hard of a job it is. Unfortunately they’re delusional that doing chores and taking care of their own kids is an impossibly difficult job. But, for the sake of argument, let’s pretend that these women and men who stay at home don’t exist and their husbands or wives have to hire a maid/ nanny to watch the kids and take care of the housework. What happens if the nanny refuses to do the things that they are paid to do? THEY GET FIRED!

  8. Scheduling is key when it comes to parenting. My son is now 10 and I’ve also been homeschooling since he started Kindergarten. Being organized and having a schedule is the ONLY thing that keeps our lives running smoothly. Thanks for your comment.

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