CoffeeI was caffeine free for about 20 months (during my entire pregnancy and until I stopped breast feeding my son). It was difficult to give up caffeine, but I knew it would be best for my baby especially considering how much of an addict I was. I drank decaf every once in awhile, but it seemed like such a waste. I missed my jolt of energy and trust me, when you’re big and pregnant or dealing with an infant all day and night, caffeine is pretty much a necessity!

For approximately 600 days, I was caffeine free and actually considered staying that way. Then, I realized I was just being crazy with that type of non-sense thinking! I have to tell you, the feeling I got from my first cup of caffeinated coffee was complete euphoria. It didn’t take my body long to become dependent again! I guess this is what it is like to be a junkie?

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