Disney Dining Online Reservations

Ohana's Best Friends Breakfast
Ohana's Best Friends Breakfast

I am happy to announce that Walt Disney World now allows guests to make dining reservations online! While this is very exciting since it is a pain to call 407-WDW-DINE to secure a reservation or cancel one, there are still MANY kinks that need to be worked out.

First and foremost, I am disappointed that Disney didn’t communicate this information to pass holders. I only found out because I complained about the reservation process on my facebook status. A cast member friend clued me in on the online reservation system and I immediately began planning my husband’s birthday dinner.

I signed up for an account so all my reservations would be compiled (or so I thought). Once I finished securing a few reservations and logged out of my session, I assumed Disney stored my history. WRONG! I logged back in yesterday to cancel a dining option and the system did not have any of my reservations stored. I did not write down my confirmation numbers since I believed the system would have the details. I had to call 407-WDW-DINE and ask the operator to help me. Thankfully, they could search by my last name and phone number and retrieve all my reservations.

Here are the frustrating aspects I have experienced with the online reservation system:

  • The system times out frequently and I had to start my search over on numerous occasions.
  • I held a few reservations in my shopping cart; however, lost them when the system timed out. My advice is to check out when you have a reservation then go back in to search for more.
  • Write down your confirmation numbers! The online system will not retrieve your information without the confirmation number and your telephone number.
  • Disney sends a confirmation email to your inbox; however, the email does not include the date, time or confirmation number for your reservation (what is the point?).
  • The search feature is inconsistent. For example, when I type in “Le Cellier Steakhouse” I receive a message indicating the reservation system is down. However; when I perform a search by Epcot restaurants, Le Cellier Steakhouse shows up and I am able to start looking for a reservation.
  • You can tag a restaurant as a “favorite” while logged into the system; however, they are not stored in your profile.
  • Disney did not properly test the system, so users will be experiencing a lot of errors.

Positive aspects:

  • If your restaurant of choice is not available for the date and time you indicated, the Disney system will suggest other restaurants with availability for your party size.
  • You can search a date range of up to 5 days.
  • Reservations can be booked 90 days in advance (my recommendation is to book early)!
  • It is so nice to cancel a reservation online instead of waiting on the telephone to speak to an agent. Wait times can be long during peak seasons!
  • Be persistent! Check the online system often if there is a particular restaurant you want to go to. Remember, people are constantly canceling plans and their loss can be your gain!
  • Once the bugs are worked out, the online reservation system is going to save a ton of time!

If you are planning a Disney vacation, make sure to bookmark the Disney World Dining and Reservations system.

Thanks for stopping by The Unemployed Mom. My persistence paid off because tonight my family has a reservation at Ohana to celebrate my husband’s birthday.

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2 Thoughts to “Disney Dining Online Reservations”

  1. Jennifer

    What are some of your favorite Disney restaurants? I’m trying to get some ideas for my anniversary.

  2. Our favorite is Ohana for breakfast and dinner. It’s a wonderful place to take Cameron too (very kid friendly) and the food is delicious. We love the Epcot restaurants too (but you must have a pass in order to get into the park). Are you taking Megan with you or will it just be the 2 of you?

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