Help Bring Rita Home

One of my dearest friends is a single parent to two beautiful adopted little girls. Her first daughter came from a Third World country and needless to say, my friend had quite the adventure trying to bring her daughter home. I won’t go into the details, but it was a stressful ordeal for mom and baby. She forwarded an email about one of her friends, Teresa DeFelice, who is about to embark on a similar journey.

Teresa and her husband are on a quest to bring home their second adopted daughter, this particular angel is a special needs child from China. Immediately after reading about little Rita, I wondered what I could do to help. Businesses in Central Florida have generously donated services, tickets, hotel accommodations, merchandise, etc. and all these items are being offered via eBay July 15 – 22. For a complete list of items in the Rita Adoption Fund, please visit this link.

The DeFelice family is required to donate $5,000 in cash to the orphanage Rita lives in and are hoping to raise as much of that as possible via their eBay auctions. Their donation will help to increase the quality of care for the children residing in the orphanage. If they raise more than $5,000, the money will go to their¬†final agency payment of $2,000 then to travel expenses. If they raise more than necessary via eBay and other fundraiser’s, they are 100% committed to giving that money to another family in need.

To read more about the DeFelice family and baby Rita, please visit as well as Teresa’s blog.

Thanks for visiting The Unemployed Mom! Let’s help the DeFelice family¬†bring Rita home!

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