Recycled Diapers

In my son’s one year of existence, I have never recycled one of his soiled diapers. That is until tonight! Let me first make it very clear that I am not in a financial bind or anything like that. Just because I lost my job, doesn’t mean I cannot afford necessities for my kid. 

The only reason this diaper was recycled is because it was his last Huggies Overnite diaper (and thankfully he deposited a hard nugget that left no skid marks). I just gave him a bath and literally, he only had it on for 5 minutes then I heard that all too familiar grunting sound. I started to panic because I did not want to drive to the store to buy more overnight diapers. I knew that if I used his Pampers Cruisers, then he would be a pee pee mess in the morning.

I guess I won’t win the “mom of the year award” because of my choice. Have you ever recycled a diaper? Please tell me I’m not alone.

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One Thought to “Recycled Diapers”

  1. Jennifer

    You’re not alone. My husband is always recycling diapers. Usually they are pee pee diapers that he thinks are dry. I keep telling him that they have pee in them, but I guess they do such a good job of absorbing the pee that he thinks they are clean.

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