Adopt A New Best Friend And Save A Life #woofyeah #MilkBone

Adopt A New Best Friend And Save A Life #woofyeah #MilkBone

If you’ve been a regular blog follower, you probably remember posts about my beloved Bailey. She was my pampered pooch for 13 wonderful years. Truth be told, my heart hasn’t healed since she crossed Rainbow Bridge. While I miss having a furry companion, I know the amount of care required and how much time a dog needs and deserves. Being a homeschooling mom with a child in travel sports doesn’t offer ideal conditions for raising a dog.

We travel frequently and know a dog doesn’t fit with our active lifestyle. With that said, my son and I visit our local animal shelter regularly to drop off supplies and socialize with the animals. This routine has helped our hearts heal and also allows the animals to socialize. Being in a shelter can take a toll on a dog, so we are hoping we can lift their spirits to help them find a loving family.

We used to take Bailey on morning and evening walks, she loved the fresh air and exercise. It was a wonderful time for our family to be together and stay active. My son was only 4 when Bailey passed, so he was too young to help with many pet responsibilities. If and when we decide to add a dog to our family, my son will take a very active role in the dog’s care. Dogs, just like young kids, need role models. 57% of dog parents who also have human children involve their kids in caring for their pet—instilling responsibility and good daily habits like brushing their teeth and taking their vitamins. Yes, you read that correctly…pets need vitamins, too! Learn more about Milk-Bone’s Good Morning Daily Vitamins here

What are your family’s favorite routines? Tell us how you and your pooch get ready to take on the day in the comments section below!

We plan on dropping these Milk-Bone goodies off to some very deserving pups. Contact your local shelter to find out how you can get involved! Help save a life…with the added health benefits of having a pet, you may just be saving your own.


“Dogs are not your whole life but they make your life whole.” Author: Roger Cara

Disclosure: I am receiving product in exchange for publication, no additional compensation has been received.

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