Time Capsule

The other day, I installed a WordPress update that crashed my site…7 years of writing had suddenly vanished! Without hesitation, I shut my laptop and took it as a sign, my blogging days were over. In all honesty, I haven’t written in years. Sure, I’ve shared local happenings and various events, but that is not what “The Unemployed Mom” started out as. 


If you’ve been around since 2009, you know the history of my blog name. In an instance, I went from wearing suits and managing multi-million dollar resort development projects to being an unemployed mom. At the time, I didn’t realize my layoff was a blessing in disguise, but it truly was!

Upon finding out about the crash, my husband worked diligently to recover my blog. He refused to let so much family history parish. I am thankful, once it was back online I spent hours reading old posts. Talk about sparking up nostalgia! I forgot just how much detail I used to share! I revisited my son’s milestones, family trips, fun activities, adventures with my golden retriever, etc. There were posts that made me cry and some that made me laugh. My son is now 7, so it was nice to flash back to moments where I can remember thinking “I will never forget this feeling” but the reality is … I did forget. Thankfully, I have this journal to revisit those precious memories and reminisce.

While “The Unemployed Mom” began as an avenue for staying in touch with friends and family, I now realize it is so much bigger than that. This blog is my family’s time capsule and I am inspired to continue documenting our history.


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